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I Double Dare ya!

A while back the Lust With a Laugh crew decided to collaborate on a fun collection of stories, and I'm super thrilled to announce we've officially launched them into the cybersphere! Double Dare is my contribution to the April Fools for Love collection, and it features one of my faves--a wicked hot menage. Make sure to also check out the other 3 titles in the April Fools' for Love collection: Biting Serendipity by Mary Hughes, When the Lights Go Out by Roxy Mews, and Fringe Benefits by SL Carpenter. Our books are only 99 cents each, so it's a great chance to get 4 sizzling books for a sizzling price!


From the moment Graham Barlow and Matt Spencer moved into the bungalow across from hers, Dani Tipton’s willpower has been strung to its limit. Ignoring the hot and heavy fantasies the two hunks inspire on a daily basis is more than any woman’s libido can take. Although temptation beckons, Dani’s determined to be a good role model for her wild, trouble-prone younger sister. Jumping in the sack with either of her sexier-than-sin neighbors sure as hell wouldn’t help her case. But when her sister sets up the ultimate April Fools’ prank, Dani suddenly winds up neck-deep in a compromising position. Literally.

For the last eighteen months, Graham and Matt have been carrying a major case of blue balls for Dani. No matter how hard they flirt or lay on the charm, she’s kept them strictly in the friend’s zone. So when they discover her buck naked in their swimming pool they figure they’re either hallucinating—or have been handed their one shot at rocking Dani’s panties off. Not too difficult to do, seeing how she’s not wearing any. Convincing her to indulge in a little frisky threesome skinny dipping? Easy enough. And the sexy interlude that follows is hot enough to boil the pool water. But when it comes to making their unconventional triad permanent, Matt and Graham issue Dani the biggest dare of all—entrusting them with her heart. 

Warning: This M/F/M ménage brings new meaning to getting to know your neighbor. Lusty pool shenanigans and creative uses for hot tub jets. No bathing suit required, but bring an extra towel. Things are bound to get wet.  


“Tell Talia I’ll have that painting ready for her tomorrow.”

A devious twinkle lit Erin’s eyes. “You know what would be freakin’ hilarious? Swap out your watercolor for something hideous, like Dogs Playing Poker.”

“Uh, why would I do that?”

“Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day.”

Aw shit. Thank God she didn’t have to worry about being a victim of anyone’s pranking. Her college years had seen plenty of that stupidity. “I have no idea where to buy a copy of Dogs Playing Poker.”

“I’ve got a person.”

“Do I even want to know what that means?”

“Heh. Probably not.” Leaving Dani to ponder what kind of shady people her sister was hanging out with, Erin dashed to the ancient station wagon parked on the other side of Dani’s convertible. Every time she looked at her sister’s car she was tempted to take a flamethrower to it just to put it out of its misery. Still, Erin had paid for it with her own money, and anything that made her sister proud and responsible was a good thing in Dani’s book.

A motion across the street distracted Dani and she shifted her focus. Graham Barlow lifted from his crouch in front of a large stand-on lawnmower and swiped his grease-streaked forearm across his brow. The movement pulled his black tank top snug to his chest, molding the fabric to the mouthwatering contours of his ripped muscles. He tossed a scowl toward the shiny silver pickup truck that he and his roommate used for their landscape business. “Did you find that wrench yet?”

One of the truck’s doors slammed, and Matt Spencer popped into view. He strode to the disabled mower and passed the tool to his partner. A grunt fell from Graham. “Took ya long enough. What were you doing over there, jacking off?”

Oh Lord. Like she needed that image implanted in her brain. Especially since her hormones were already performing their own version of an exuberant Riverdance, thanks to the ogle fest Matt and Graham provided. 

Damn it, she really hated that Erin was right. The two men were walking advertisements for lady boners. Unlike Graham, Matt had forgone a shirt, which put every inch of his strong, sculpted back on mouthwatering display. Her fingertips tingled as she imagined running them down the deep groove of his spine, cruising toward those cute dimples that rode just above— 

A car horn tooted, and Dani jumped guiltily. Both men swiveled their heads and sent a wave to Erin as she reversed out of the driveway.  

Erin poked her head out the station wagon’s window, the sticky breeze rustling her neon blue pixy cut. “When are you gonna grow some balls and ask my sister out?”

Dani groaned, desperately wishing she could mimic a chameleon by blending with the nearby flowering lantana bush. Before she could safely duck inside the house without anyone being the wiser of her presence, her neighbors slashed their attention her way. She was fairly certain her cheeks were red enough Graham and Matt would be able to detect their nuclear glow from a mile away.

Matt’s chuckle floated in Dani’s direction. “Just as soon as we’re certain she’ll say yes.”

Her pulse revved at the wickedness of his expression and the resulting heat wave that swamped her body. There was no mistaking the blazing interest he and Graham had leveled on her. Since they’d moved in roughly a year and a half ago, they’d attempted to lure her to the Dark Side with a steady dance of flirtation, so she had a bad feeling those twin sparkles of determination in their eyes bode an outright war against her resistance. But that’s precisely what she needed to cling to. With every ounce of her being. Tempting as the two delicious hunks were, she couldn’t give in to her attraction to them.

She was well aware of the kinky things that went on in that house across the street. It wasn’t that she necessarily went out of her way to be a Peeping Tom, but when you had neighbors who didn’t bother to close the blinds you noticed things. Things that left you embarrassingly aroused and in desperate need of a cold shower or quick session with your battery operated boyfriend. 

The first time she’d accidentally witnessed Matt and Graham skillfully tag teaming a woman together she’d been too shocked to immediately process what she was seeing. The lights had been dim enough in their living room she’d even considered the possibility that she was misreading the situation. But it became crystal clear they weren’t playing a new version of Twister when they’d put the woman on her knees and Graham settled behind her while Matt stationed himself in front of the female. Even without the benefit of twenty-twenty vision, Dani saw a whole new side to her neighbors she sure as hell hadn’t been expecting. Every square inch of Dani had been hot and tingly by the time the woman ducked out the door, barely able to walk straight and a goofy grin on her face. 

Certain that they’d somehow know what a perverted snoop she was, Dani hadn’t been able to look Graham and Matt in the eye for an entire week. She’d gotten over her guilty conscious soon enough, but the impromptu peep shows provided by her neighbors and their lady friends proved to be a rare treat. Still, spying on them was one thing. Joining in the action? That would be a hell to the no. She needed to be a responsible role model for Erin. And floozying it up with Graham and Matt in a three-way fling sure as hell wouldn’t accomplish that.  

Besides, she wasn’t cut out for the whole one night stand scenario. And that’s all it would be with her hunky sweaty, sinful night sandwiched between two smoking hot men who stared at her like they wanted to spend the entire evening setting her bedsheets on fire.

Totally unproductive thought. Gulping, she tore her focus from Graham and Matt and slunk back inside the house. Snicking the door closed, she thunked her forehead against the whitewashed wood grain. Why must fate be such a devious bitch? Florida was full of retirees. Why couldn’t her neighbors be a pair of old coots who owned a closetful of lime green Bermuda shorts and compression socks?

Grumping under her breath, she detoured to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of iced tea from the fridge. She twisted off the cap the same instant the doorbell chimed. Heart knocking, she stared in the direction of the front entry. Safe to say that wasn’t the milkman.

“Thanks a lot, Erin.” Grumbling, Dani shuffled to the door. A quick peek through the peep hole confirmed her suspicions of who stood on the other side. Sending a memo to her hormones to get a damn grip, she sucked in a deep breath and swung open the door. She returned Matt and Graham’s megawatt grins with her own wobblier version. “Hey.”

His gaze sparkling, Graham propped one hand high up on the doorframe, the position hiking the hem of his tank top. “Hey yourself.” 

An endless moment passed while she stared transfixed at the intriguing peppering of dark hair that formed a happy trail down Graham’s washboard abs and disappeared beneath the low-slung waistband of his navy blue cargo shorts. His pointed cough snapped her from her trance. The muggy heat contributing to the warmth already occupying her cheeks, she lifted her focus and met his amused regard. 

The tiny upward hitch at the corner of his mouth did funny things to her tummy. “We couldn’t help but notice that your bush is in need of a little TLC.”

She double blinked. “Uh, what?”

He cocked his head toward the flowering lantana to the right of him. The wicked glint in his whiskey-hued irises verified that he was plenty aware of his double entendre. “Wouldn’t take us but a minute or so to shape it up.” 

“That’s incredibly nice of you guys, but—”

“Consider it a trade,” Matt offered.

She frowned. “For what?”

“The empanadas that your sister promised you’d bring when you come over for dinner tonight.”
She stifled a groan. “Please tell me Erin didn’t invite us over.” It’d be right up her sister’s alley to do something both embarrassing and rude, all while not giving a hoot. 

Graham shook his head and chuckled. “Just you.” 

His clarification instantly deflated her sharp bloom of relief. I’m going to kill Erin. Plain and simple. “Look, I don’t want you guys getting the wrong idea about what she said earlier.”

“You mean asking you out?” Matt’s teeth flashed brilliant white against the sun-bronzed backdrop of his complexion. This up close, she easily detected every glistening bead of sweat dampening his sculpted pecs.

Do not allow yourself to be distracted by gorgeous man titty. She nodded vigorously, both at her inner reprimand and Matt’s question. Best to nip this in the bed—bud! Get your mind out of the gutter.—before she gave in to the urge to offer herself up as a human towel. “Erin likes to instigate things.”

“Yeah, but I happen to think she’s got the right idea. So does Graham.” Without warning, Matt’s fingers closed around hers. She jolted at the unexpected skin-on-skin contact, but it was the lazy stroke of his thumb along hers that spurred her fluttery intake of breath.

His smoky blue gaze locked with hers, he pried her bottle of tea from her frozen grip. He lifted the beverage to his mouth and took a swig. Normally she’d be completely miffed at anyone brazenly availing themselves of her drink without asking permission. But the provocative sweep of his tongue over his bottom lip left her too brain-addled to care.

He passed the bottle back to her. “Dinner’s at eight. Don’t forget the empanadas.”

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Just Desserts~Michele Bardsley & Renee George

JUST DESSERTS: A Collection of Bite-Sized Delights presented by

Just Desserts is a buffet of deliciously naughty stories. These delights are as diverse as the authors who write them. It is my pleasure to reveal two of the more than twenty contributing authors to Just Desserts-debut, new, multi-published, award-winning and bestselling authors. ENJOY TODAY'S SPECIAL! Today, we feature two more bestselling authors. Take a moment to get to know them.


Honey Bear by Michele Bardsley

A stand-alone erotic short story from the Pearson Security Series
Paranormal Erotic Romance
#werebear, #shifter, #paranormal, #romance, #eroticromance, #honeybear, #amreading, #readerdessert, #steamyromance, #bearshifters,
  When bear shifter bodyguard Mike Pearson is tasked to protect celebrity baker Amelia Delacorte, he thinks the job will be a piece of cake. Amelia has a secret, one she must protect at all costs, especially from the nosy werebear with the gorgeous see-your-soul eyes and hunky, drooll-worthy muscles. Stuck in a basement kitchen until danger is nullified, Amelia can only think of one way to distract her protector: She'll make him dessert. But it turns out the only dessert Mike Pearson wants ... is her.

Get to know Michele

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Michele Bardsley writes steamy paranormal romance about shifters, demons, and vampires. When not writing otherworldly tales of romance and mystery, she crochets hats, eats chocolate, and watches "Supernatural." She lives in Texas with her awesome husband, the Viking, and their fur babies.

This sexiest food is:

Chocolate is the sexiest food. It's versatile. It tastes good hot or cold (or poured over muscles to be licked off ... slowly). It comes in a variety of forms--hot chocolate, chocolate vodka, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate cake (especially good smashed against a pectoral to be licked off ... slowly). Chocolate can go into desserts or be its own dessert. It is, quite frankly, the sexiest food around.

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

1. I once took lessons to learn how to clog dance. 2. I met Dana Plato while working in an Oklahoma video rental store. 3. I hate celery. In all forms. I wish it would die. 4. I am a Star Trek nerd with a deep love for the original Star Trek TV series. 5. I'm addicted to Investigation Discovery shows.

The sexiest place in the world is:

Ireland. I don't care where as long it was in Ireland.

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Alpha-Bites by Renee George

Stand-alone Erotic Short-Story from The Cull: Claimed by the Alpha Series
Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Steamy Romance
#PNR, #Sexy, #Shapeshifters, #TheCull, #Werewolves, #BBW, #Curvy, #Romance, #Steamy, #OzarkShifters  
Ever since gorgeous werewolf Conor Evens saved her life by "culling" her into the local lycanosapien pack, Anna Davis has been happy as Conor's mate--even though it means keeping secrets from her family. However, Conor has a sweet surprise for his beloved and Anna will soon learn the true delight of an alpha's bite...

Get to know Renee

Multi-published, award-winning author Renee George has been a factory worker, an army medic, a nurse, a website designer, a small press editor, an artist, and a teacher, but writing stories about sexy alpha men is the BEST job she's ever had. When she turned thirty, she went back to college and earned her BA in creative writing. She has been married to the love of her life, a wonderful man who supports in every way, for over half her life (and that is a VERY long time!). She happily lives in a small, Midwest town with her husband, two needy dogs and a very independent cat.

The sexiest food is:

New York Cheese Cake with Earl Grey Tea. There is something so sinfully delicious about this rich, decadent dessert. It looks so simple from the outside, but every bite makes you want it more and more. The bergamot oil (a hint of orangey-citrus goodness) in a cup of Earl Grey tea cuts richness, so you can indulge yourself until you've licked the plate clean.

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

1. I'm allergic to dairy and beef. (I know! and I picked Cheese Cake! Just because I can't eat it now, doesn't mean I don't remember how good and sexy it is.) 2. I'm a Final Fantasy and Dragon's Age addict. I have been known to play for days on end to the detriment of hygiene. (It's why I ONLY play at Christmas time). 3. I cried both times I met Charlaine Harris, but only AFTER she was gone. 4. I've watched "Sense and Sensibility" a million times, and I have never gotten tired of it. AND I always cry when Edward drops down to propose to Elinor. Never fails to move me! 5. I am a fan of action blockbusters, comic book heroes, epic science fiction, paranormal, zombie/ horror, and anything with blood and big explosions (though, not a fan of car chase movies). I do not usually enjoy romance movies (though there are some exceptions -- see #4), and I have never watched The Notebook.

Sexiest place on earth is:

In the arms of a hot, alpha man. (Sexiest location EVAH!)

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Just Desserts~Jodi Redford & Piper Denna

JUST DESSERTS: A Collection of Bite-Sized Delights presented by

Just Desserts is a buffet of deliciously naughty stories. These delights are as diverse as the authors who write them. It is my pleasure to reveal two of the more than twenty contributing authors to Just Desserts-debut, new, multi-published, award-winning and bestselling authors. ENJOY TODAY'S SPECIAL! Today, we feature two more bestselling authors. Take a moment to get to know them.


Perfect Passion by Jodi Redford

A stand-alone erotic short story - supplement to Perfect Chemistry
Contemporary, Romance, Ménage
#perfectchemistry, #perfectpassion, #kinky, #geeks, #erotic, #romance, #officeromance, #foodporn, #scienceromance, #bdsm
  Sidney Chase knows too well the potent side effects of the infamous Xtacy aphrodisiac elixir. So when Leo and Dev enlist her help with their latest kinky concoction, she’s all too willing to put in the overtime. Because the best perk of working for two sexy chemist geeks? Getting to be their sinful science experiment. And this time the results promise to be just as deliciously wicked.

Get to know Jodi

At the ripe age of seven, Jodi Redford penned her first epic, complete with stick figure illustrations. Sadly, her drawing skills haven’t improved much, but her love of fantasy worlds never went away. These days she writes about fairies, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures, only with considerably more heat. She has won numerous contests, including The Golden Pen and Launching a Star. When not writing or working the day job, she enjoys gardening and way too many reality television shows. She loves to hear from readers.

This sexiest food is:

Chocolate covered strawberries. It's fruit and chocolate! Plus you get to hand feed it to that special someone, which is very sexy.

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

1) I'm a Star Wars geek. Actually no one would be surprised by that. LOL. 2) I used to be a professional horticulturist. 3) I'm addicted to cheesy horror movies. Or basically any movie that has Adrienne Barbeau in it. 4) I've seen Big Trouble In Little China 5 million times. Okay, maybe only 4,999,999 times. 5) I'm addicted to Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Damn whoever got me hooked on them!

The sexiest place in the world is:

A deserted island. Sandy beach, water, no one around. Enough said.

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Confidential Craving by Piper Denna

Stand-alone Erotic Short-Story from the Fantasies Inc. Series
Erotic Contemporary Romance
#FantasiesInc, #FantasyMountain, #PiperDenna, #dinnerseduction, #seduction, #sexybrit, #sexydinner, #FantasiesIncseries, #eroticromance, #andsoitbegins  
Victoria walks into her friend’s law practice for an appointment regarding her new business, but leaves with a dinner date to pick up her documents…from his partner. The sexy attorney with a British accent has managed to reawaken the libido she’s ignored for months while launching Fantasies, Inc., an upscale resort pandering to sexual yearnings. And hey, if she’s going to capitalize on cravings, she might as well have some of her own, right? Brett has been warned to stay away from Victoria. He’s to draw up her papers. Nothing more. Except, upon meeting her, he’s compelled to ask her out. First item on his menu? Seduction. He senses her bottled-up cravings and intends to uncork her, warnings be damned.

Get to know Piper

Romance is sexy. And often funny, and sometimes tangled up with suspense. Let’s face it: all sorts of things get mixed up with romance in real life. Piper Denna’s stories are not cut-and-dried romance. Her characters deal with issues female readers can relate to: independence and trust, empowerment, inhibition, an unfaithful partner, motherhood. Sometimes her characters make mistakes, and often her “bad guys” are not 100% bad. She hopes to take the reader on an emotional journey to a happy ending…with enviable sexual encounters along the way. When she’s not writing, she edits, raises two teens along with her husband, and collects scrapbooking material. She enjoys books—or movies—with a comedic twist and hopefully a love story with lots of tension, too. Sexiest parts of a man in Piper’s opinion? The hands and eyes. Shoulders are nice too, and of course, great pecs are never amiss…

The sexiest food is:

Because I'm a rule bender, I'm choosing a drink: Champagne. It's nearly always served in upbeat/celebratory times, and even has its own fancy, sexy glass. Plus, it bubbles!

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

  • I would rather lift weights for an hour than spend 5 minutes on a stationary bike. Spin class sounds like the deepest level of hell to me.
  • If a tiny garden snake chased me, I'd run like Usain Bolt (or drop dead on the spot). Those spin bikes in hell surely have snakes writhing around them on the floor.
  • For 7 years I worked as a Teacher Stunt Double (aka substitute) and enjoyed almost every day of it. (Crazy much? Yes, yes I may be.) Kids are gross and weird and sometimes vicious, but also brilliant, loving and utterly unpredictable.
  • When I was 10, I memorized the alphabet backward. As a young adult, I used it at parties as a means of convincing others I hadn't had too much to drink.
  • I love Facebook. No matter how much other people complain about it, I love connecting with my friends, old and new, and if I manage to make someone "lol", it makes my day.

Sexiest place on earth is:

Somewhere tropical, with a view of palm trees and the sound of waves breaking on the sand. And the men, at least, need to speak with a British accent.

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